Best Tuition Centre in Aligarh – Tuition Classes in Aligarh

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TAMS Studies - World Class Coaching Institute in Aligarh

Best Tuition Centre in Aligarh – Tuition Classes in Aligarh

TAMS Studies Tuition Classes in Aligarh

TAMS Studies has become a big name in coaching world of Aligarh. We provide good quality coaching to all our students.

We have experienced teachers who are really very passionate about teaching and guiding students to success.

Tutorials in Aligarh

Students enjoy our teaching and lessons which we provide after a thorough research.

Our ways of teaching do not depress your kid but enhance their learning ability which in result yield greater results.

Best Coaching in Aligarh

Your kid should be able to understand with ease without any pressure on his/her mind.

Tuition Centre in Aligarh

We all teachers adopt adaptable ways of teaching which enable us to handle every student with utmost care.


Best Tuition Centre in Aligarh – Tuition Classes in Aligarh

Coaching Centre Address:

Below Allahabad Bank, Samad Road, Centre Point, Aligarh, 202001

Mobile Number:



Email Address:









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IELTS at TAMS Studies

ielts coaching in Aligarh
ielts coaching in Aligarh

IELTS Coaching in Aligarh. Prepare for IELTS Exam in Aligarh. IELTS Classes in Aligarh with Suniltams.

IELTS at TAMS Studies

IELTS Aligarh
IELTS Aligarh

TAMS Studies provides complete coaching for IELTS. The Lead Faculty is Suniltams and have some other great faculties.

There are 4 sections in IELTS Test for general as well as for Academic test.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

IELTS Reading

Reading Section requires you to be competent with the basics of comprehension. In the test, it is important how quickly you find out the answers from the text.

There are a few types of questions:

  • Match The Paragraphs
  • Fill the Blanks
  • Complete the Report
  • Etc

IELTS Writing

In IELTS test, you should show the range of tenses and a good range of vocabulary. For this, it is necessary to practice the tenses on regular basis. You Should also keep reading news papers and magazines so that you are updated with the latest information.

There are 2 sections in IELTS writing test.

  • Letter
  • Essay

Speaking Test of IELTS

Speaking Test is a fun ride if you are confident and know all tenses and have some good amount of vocabulary knowledge.

Just show the varied use of tenses and range of synonyms and vocabulary and you are done.

One more thing which is important for IELTS Speaking and writing section is relevancy. Please stick to the topic and make sure whatever you are writing is not going far from the topic.

Speaking test includes

  • General Introduction
  • General Discussion

One should show detailed ability to speak and should not hesitate in speaking at length.

Even the question is simple and you can answer it in one word, you should add or provide some additional information.

For Example:

Question: From where are you?

Answer: I am from aligarh which is well known for Aligarh Muslim University and Lock and Hardware Industry. It is a district in North Indian State Uttar Pradesh.

IELTS Listening

In the listening section of IELTS, you will listen to multiple videos which will have single and multiple speakers.

You need to focus on the keywords and also observe the change of information.

You can easily get a high score in listening if you are concentrating enough.

Practice it enough and watch English Movies or any other videos in English Language and you are done with the Listening part.

TAMS Studies Provides Complete Coaching and Guidance for IELTS and TOEFL Tests in Aligarh.


Below Allahabad Bank, Samad Road, Centre Point, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India

Mobile Number: 







NEET Coaching Classes In Aligarh-TAMS Studies


NEET Coaching Classes In Aligarh-TAMS Studies

TAMS Studies is India’s one of the best coaching institutes providing Coaching for the preparation of Medical Entrance Examinations Such as AIPMT (NEET-UG), AIIMS, and PMTs.

Our team is knowledgeable and have some leading educationists having vast experience in teaching thousands of aspirants of Medical Entrance examinations for a good time.

We have a special Batch for Droppers.

1NEET Coaching Classes In Aligarh-TAMS Studies

New Batch Starting on Monday 24th July 2017

3 Demo Classes Free


Learn English in Aligarh

Chemistry Classes are conducted by Ahmad Sir.

For Biology, we have Asma Ma’am at your service.

Join Our Special Batch for Droppers who are preparing for NEET and Other Medical Exams.

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh, Best Teacher of English Language in the world
Suniltams - Global English Teacher

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh

TAMS Studies

TAMS Studies is a world class coaching institute in Aligarh.

It is run under the expert guidance of Sunil Chaudhary. Sunil Chaudhary is also popular as Suniltams across the world.

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh, Best Teacher of English Language in the world
Suniltams – Global English Teacher

He has got numerous students across the globe. Many a student are following him via Facebook, Twitter, Google and Other Social Media Platforms.

English is Easy with Suniltams

TAMS Studies is known for English Language Learning and for Best in class communication skills. TAMS Studies tells you how to be a good articulator.

You can become a great orator if you just follow the instructions of Suniltams.

Levels of English Language

We have classified our English Course in sections as mentioned below. We have also mentioned the fee in front of all the courses. Our Fee is fixed and we request you not to bargain on that because we want to deliver 100%.

  • Spoken English – 6000
  • Basic English Grammar – 4000
  • Intermediate English Grammar – 4000
  • Advanced English Grammar – 4000
  • Competitive English – 8000
  • Interview Skills – Free with All Courses
  • Vocabulary/Word Power – Free with All Courses

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh

TAMS Studies has got Best Reviews for English Language Classes in Aligarh and around the world for its web-based learning and youtube channel.

TAMS English Learning Club

We have a dedicated group on Facebook for English Learners who are not able to take regular classes. TAMS Studies understands your curiosity and eager to excel the English Language and Spoken English. We know that you want to communicate with great fluency. For that purpose, we have set up an English Learning Club on Facebook. The name of our English Learning Club on Facebook is TAMS English Learning Club.

We invite you to join this club and also add your friends. By adding your friends, you create an environment around you and people get to know about your interest in learning English. They also start asking you about your improvement. And, they may also guide you and help you in improving your Spoken English Skills.

Should you have any question related to English Language, Spoken English, Daily Routine Sentences, Please feel free to post your questions on TAMS English Learning Club on Facebook.

YouTube Channel

TAMS Studies has a dedicated channel for learners. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. If you like the content and videos, Please share with your friends.

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh

Feel free to give your precious feedback. Also, let us know if you need any lesson on any specific topic.

Enjoy Learning English with TAMS Studies and Suniltams.

TAMS Studies provides best English Speaking Course in Aligarh. You can consider as the best Spoken English School in Aligarh as well as in Aligarh. Our English Language Course in Aligarh is unique and comprehensive which any learner can digest easily.

English Speaking Classes in Aligarh


Police Coaching in Aligarh – TAMS Studies

UP Police Coaching in Aligarh Police Coaching Classes in Aligarh

UP Police Coaching in Aligarh Police Coaching Classes in Aligarh

TAMS Studies has complete coaching for All Police Exams Conducted by various states.

  • UP Police Coaching
  • MP Police Coaching
  • Haryana Police Coaching
  • Punjab Police Coaching
  • Other States

Separate Experienced Teachers:

TAMS Studies has separate, experienced and passionate teachers for your coaching and guidance in Aligarh. So that you never miss any lesson or trick which may help you crack the Police Exam.

Subjects For Police Exams:

Below are the subjects which you need to study and prepare for the police exam preparation:

  • English
  • Math
  • Hindi
  • Reasoning
  • GK
  • GS

Online Portal for Police Exams

TAMS Studies has the best portal for online preparation. Our online portal has below mentioned features:

  • Mock Tests for Police Exam Preparation
  • Speed Tests for Police Exams
  • Chapter Tests for All Subjects
  • Video Lessons
  • Performance Analysis
  • Expert Recommendation
  • National Ranking

Doubt Sessions:

TAMS Studies has dedicated teachers and faculty for doubts of the students who are preparing for police exams in Aligarh.

You can always consult with the available faculties who will assist you with your questions and doubts if you have any while preparing for police exams in Aligarh.

Coaching Address:

TAMS Studies is located at Samad Road, Centre Point, Below Allahabad Bank.

Contact Number:

The contact number of our coaching institute, TAMS Studies is 9411650207.

UP Police Coaching in Aligarh Police Coaching Classes in Aligarh

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Welcome to TAMS Studies

English Institute in Aligarh

Hello Dear Friend,

If you are here, it means that you are looking for a world class coaching institute in aligarh.

We appreciate your concern and would like to tell you that TAMS Studies is one of the best coaching centers of the world when it comes to English Language and Coaching and Guidance Academic Students.

We understand your kids and with our adaptable ways, we have come a long way and commit to providing result oriented education by our simple and interesting ways of teaching and learning.

English Language Academy

TAMS Studies is one of the best English Language Academies of the world. Our system is research based and we like to explain things. So that, our students can easily absorb what we teach them.

Our Lead Faculty Suniltams possess a great experience of English Language. He has worked with many multinational companies and helped a few schools being successful. MNCs like Aegis, IBM, Mercer, Fidelity Investments are a few in which Suniltams has excelled and proved his mettle.

IELTS Preparation and Getting the Desired Band

TAMS Studies is one of the premier institutes of India where you can actually prepare for reputed IELTS Exam and get your desired band score.

With the easy methods and expert strategy of Suniltams, you will prepare for these exams in no time and will grow a great confidence. Our IELTS preparation includes a lot of practice papers and mock interviews which ultimately makes you almost perfect.