What is CCTV?

What is CCTV English Vocabulary TAMS Studies Aligarh
CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. TAMS Studies always brings something new to enhance your knowledge and vocabulary.

What is CCTV?

CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere. Because the cameras communicate with monitors and/or video recorders across private coaxial cable runs or wireless communication links, they gain the designation “closed-circuit” to indicate that access to their content is limited by design only to those able to see it.

Older CCTV systems used small, low-resolution black and white monitors with no interactive capabilities. Modern CCTV displays can be colour, high-resolution displays and can include the ability to zoom in on an image or track something (or someone) among their features. Talk CCTV allows an overseer to speak to people within range of the camera’s associated speakers.

CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Maintaining perimeter security in medium- to high-secure areas and installations.
  • Observing the behaviour of incarcerated inmates and potentially dangerous patients in medical facilities.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Overseeing locations that would be hazardous to a human, for example, highly radioactive or toxic industrial environments.
  • Building and grounds security.
  • Obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls (for example, in a diamond cutting or sorting operation; in banks, casinos, or airports).

CCTV is finding increasing use in law-enforcement, for everything from traffic observation (and automated ticketing) to the observation of high-crime areas or neighbourhoods. Such use of CCTV technology has fueled privacy concerns in many parts of the world, particularly in those areas in the UK and Europe where it has become a routine part of police procedure.

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Where can I find people to speak English in India?

English Speaking People in IndiaEnglish Speaking People in India

You can discover them all over the place. Truth be told regardless of whether they talk in Hindi you can talk in English. In the event that you have the cash to spend you can even get counterfeit people like Alexa or Siri to converse with.

On the off chance that you know English even a bit, begin talking. Regardless I recall how my sister constantly attempted to talk in English notwithstanding when she was not knowing numerous words and didn’t know about verbs and so forth.

She used to embed English sentences in between everyday talk.

Individuals additionally tune in to BBC to know the right elocution and quirks.

So begin communicating in English at home and with everybody. The more you will talk the better you will be. While talking attempt to think in English as it were. Try not to think in Hindi.

Think English and communicate in English. Within a couple of months, you will wind up OK with the dialect.

Try not to get unsettled on the off chance that somebody ridicules you for some mix-up in language or elocution. Simply continue talking.

Why, they are all finished India – how might you have the event for asking such an inquiry by any stretch of the imagination? There is no lack of English speaking Indians by any stretch of the imagination!

You need to discover such individuals? Stroll into an English medium school, in the first place. You can likewise stroll into a class or establishment close you that shows English, and you will discover a lot of such individuals there.

An excursion to a school, college grounds, shopping center, eatery, or even a transport stop can enable you to spot different English-talking individuals. Gracious! What’s more, don’t miss the corporate workplaces, doctor’s facilities, banks, and so forth.

Coincidentally, would you say you are keen on learning English?

English is the official dialect for Central Government and State Government workplaces in India. All business foundation and ventures have embraced English as their dialect. We have numerous English medium schools. English is the main dialect for specialized and scienve instruction. Our legal and courts utilize English dialect. Our stock trade, every budgetary establishment, banks have received English as an official dialect. We have one of the biggest IT and ITES work compel which communicates in English. In perspective of such a boundless acknowledgement, a huge area of our populace communicates in English. So discovering people who communicate in English isn’t an issue.

Everywhere throughout India however 80 for each penny of Indians cannot talk or compose great English independent of their age, training. There are just a couple in India who know great English. In addition, South Indian individuals are somewhat great at English contrasted with North.

INDIA is World’s second biggest English Speaking nation. 2 of each 5 Indians can communicate in English.

In each city in India.

The populace of individuals who talk in English is expanding inconceivably in India because of globalization and westernization.

What is a Business Directory?

What is a Business Directory, Business Listing Site, Yellow Pages

In our attempt to make you acquainted with the necessary words which enable you to achieve more and more in a realistic world, we have brought this topic for you.

What is a Business Directory?

A professional listing is a site or printed posting of data which records organizations inside speciality based classes. Organizations can be classified by speciality, area, action, or size. Business might be accumulated either physically or through a mechanized online hunt programming. The online business directory is a sort of professional reference, just like the conventional telephone directory.

What is a Business Directory?

The points of interest gave in a professional reference may differ. They may incorporate the business name, addresses, phone numbers, area, contact data, kind of administration or items the business gives, the number of representatives, the served district and any expert affiliations. A few registries incorporate an area for client audits, remarks, and input. Professional references in the past would take a printed design, however, have as of late been moved up to sites because of the appearance of the web.

Numerous professional resources offer complimentary postings notwithstanding the exceptional choices. There are numerous professional resources and a portion of these have moved over to the web and far from printed design. While not being web indexes, professional listings frequently have a pursuit work, empowering clients to seek organizations by Zip Code, nation, state, zone or city.

A professional listing resembles an online adaptation of the Yellow Pages. Each professional resource contains a list of organizations recorded in order by industry. The individual passages are then regularly connected to the comparing organization’s site. The professional resource enables clients to look for organizations, administrations or items in their general vicinity in a more focused on way. From the perspective of site design improvement, a section in a professional reference is imperative; it makes the site being referred to less demanding to discover and makes an extra backlink.

To know what exactly Business Directory first you must know what Directory means is.

What is a Business Directory?

A directory is a book or website listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. So When you say Business Directory its compilation of a list of businesses. Earlier there are books kept at telephone booths carrying phone numbers now in the age of web everything can be stored on the cloud and accessed remotely. JustBaazaar is such a directory.

A professional reference is a site or printed posting of data which records all organizations inside some classification. Organizations can be arranged by business, area, movement, or size.

A Business index is a site or distributes media posting of data which records all organizations inside some gathering. Organizations can be sorted by :

  • business compose
  • area
  • action
  • volume
  • Estimate

Business might be aggregated either physically or through robotized online pursuit programming. The data gave in a professional resource will be unique. They may incorporate after data:

  • Business name
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Area
  • Kind of administration
  • Items the business gives
  • Number of representatives
  • The administration area

Any expert media affiliations, for example, Twitter, YouTube Chanel, Facebook Group

Video Profile

A considerable measure of professional references recommends complimentary postings notwithstanding the excellent choices. There are a few professional listings and a portion of these have moved over to the web and far from printed organize. While not being web search tools, professional references frequently have a hunt office.

What is a Business Directory?

Business Directory is the platform where all kinds of information of different businesses are available.

Business directories may have a different type of features, but basically, it has a business name its contact detail, number of employees, working hours etc.



Keep Practicing New & Useful Words Loudly

TAMS Studies A World Class Coaching Institute in Aligarh

Hello, My Dear English Learners,

Let me tell you that our body mind and tongue adopts everything gradually and everything takes time. Now, it is another thing that you can learn something really fast in severe practice.

In the same way, you should find, use, and practice new words on regular basis. use them regularly in your conversations intentionally.

Also, practice all new words and new sentences on a regular basis.

Some sentences to practice:

  • Correct me if I’m wrong.
  • May I get your name please! What is your good name?
  • Pass me the rubber Eraser. Rubber means condom.
  • He returned back /  He came back. return means come back.
  • He fell down.
  • There is no current/electricity/power at my place.
  • I will finish the work today itself.
  • He is a Britisher / an English / British.
  • Loose motion / Stomach / diarhoea.
  • Tyre Puncture / Flat Tyre
  • Rub the board / Clean the board /  Erase the board.
  • He will learn slowly-slowly / Gradually.
  • He has a high fever / High-Temperature / fever.
  • What is your title / Last Name / Surname?

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Sunil Chaudhary
English Language Guru

Read English Langauge daily in a real loud voice for 20 minutes.

Adverb of Reason/Purpose/Cause

Learn Adverb of Reason English Classes Online

Hello Dear Friends, In this post, we are going to discuss the Adverb of Reason.

Adverb, as we all know is a phrase or clause which tells us something about the verb, the adjective, or another adverb in the sentence.

Let’s move forward with Adverb of Reason

  • So Many times, we need to tell people WHY.
  • I went to market. WHY
  • We visited the temple. WHY
  • She scolded me. WHY
  • You will go to Kansas. WHY

WHY? What is the purpose? What do you want to do?

Okay, The Answer of this WHY is Adverb of Reason/Purpose. And that’s the sole justification, it is called Adverb of Reason.

Let’s have a look on the sentences with Adverb of Reason.

  • Abdul was hence neglected by his teachers. (Hence, Because he did something offensive)
  • Anita sings because she likes singing.
  • He thinks he can get anything because he is rich.
  • She thus opened the door applying little visible force.
  • He, therefore, does not want to talk to me.
  • Since he has apologized we will take no further action against him.
  • As he was not there I left a message with his mother.
  • I am glad that you have come.
  • The teacher is ill and therefore is unable to come to school.

Important Thing to Keep in Mind

The conjunction that is often omitted.

  • I am glad you like it. OR I am glad that you like it.
  • They were disappointed you weren’t in. OR They were disappointed that you weren’t in.

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Suniltams Guruji

New Batch English Language Classes Aligarh

English Langauge Classes in Aligarh, Spoken English, Speaking Classes Aligarh

Hello, All Aligarians, We are glad to announce a brand new batch for English Language Classes in Aligarh for all the people who want to make good command over their English Language and living in Aligarh. TAMS Studies is indeed the best English language coaching institute in Aligarh.

English Language Classes in Aligarh – New Batch Details

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Course Contents:

  • Basic Daily Life English
  • Professional English
  • Pro English
  • Personality Development
  • Email Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Live Video on Facebook and Other Social Media Channels
  • Comprehensive Reading, Writing, Speaking exercises.
  • Extempore Sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • Lots of Motivation

Whole Subject Knowledge is equal to Good Command over the language. Therefore, you must learn the English Language in Aligarh and Join TAMS Studies English Classes.

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Will be able / will have able

Hello, Today I have got a question related to the two formats mentioned below.

  • I will be able
  • I will have able

Whether these two formats are possible or not. I would like to clarify with the help of examples and a little bit of explanation.

First of all

be able = can,could

I can go = I am able to go.

But for a future time, we can not use can in place of be able. The reason is that we can not use two modal together.

For example:

I shall can – wrong
I can will – wrong

Therefore, the alternative of can which is be able is used in future sentences.

I will be able to explain this concept to you easily.
She will be able to reach college before the sun sets.

Other question – will have able

After Have, we always need an object or we can use an adjective if there is a noun after the adjective.

For example:

I will have a car.
I will have a nice car.
I will have nice. – Wrong
I will have able. – Wrong
I will have an able friend. – Correct

Hope this small post is helpful to you all.

With Love
Suniltams – English Guru

Best English Trainer in Aligarh

TAMS Studies A World Class Coaching Institute in Aligarh

My name is Suniltams and I would like to introduce myself as the best English trainer in Aligarh. Not only in Aligarh, but you can also count me as one of the best English trainers in the world.

English Trainer – A person who belongs to England.
English Language Trainer – A person who trains people to speak English Well.

But as the people commonly use English trainer for the teacher of English, I am going to use this term in this post.

I have been learning and researching the English language since 2000.

Since then I have developed some really fantastic ways to perfect the English Language.

Let me assure you that it would be fun if you decide to learn English with me.

Best English Trainer in Aligarh

I make your English learning experience very easy and fun. Let me assure you that I give the learning which will last long in your life whether personal or professional.

I have been teaching and guiding people speaking and using correct English language.

Have worked with some institutes as an English trainer and am proud that many people have been successful and got their dream career with my teachings and training.

I have worked with companies like IBM, Mercer, and Fidelity Investments. Therefore, I have got the real-time exposure to language in personal, professional, and friendly circles.

You can learn any language with proper guidance and perfect practice. Similarly, you can learn English.

Hence, for you, it would be wise to decide to learn English with me.

With Love
Suniltams English Guru Aligarh

TAMS Studies A World Class Coaching Institute in Aligarh
Sunil Chaudhary – English Guru | Motivational Speaker | Director | CEO JustBaazaar | Social Activist | Leader | Volunteer

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Read More About The qualities of The Best English Trainer – Here

My experience as an English language teacher and teacher trainer also helps me define an effective teacher of English as someone who possesses 5 I’s:<

  • Imagination
  • Innovativeness
  • Interaction
  • Independent thinking
  • Interdependence Imagination

    Best English Trainer in Aligarh

    A teacher who is imaginative can do wonders in the English class. Their new ideas break the monotony and make students take lively participation in the class. Albert Einstein says that imagination is more important than knowledge.

“Human progress is possible only through education. Without imagination, education becomes a kind of intellectual recycling of the same knowledge passed from teacher to student and back to the teacher on the test. Education should do more than simply transmit information; it should develop skills such as images that evolve our knowledge and move us forward as a species.”

Spoken English Course Aligarh

Teachers who are imaginative can teach any language skill interestingly and effectively. They can develop students’ creative self-expression. Teachers who are imaginative to explore and create new things.

Students enjoy being guided by imaginative teachers.

An innovative teacher dares to go off the track in order to be on the track. Students like a teacher who is innovative. Innovativeness means

  • Introducing changes and new ideas
  • Daring to be different and being unique
  • Going off the track in order to be on the track
  • Experimenting with new things
  • Being fresh always


A teacher who promotes interaction in the English class does justice to their profession by empowering learners and helping them develop their communication skills. They motivate their students, create opportunities for them to interact with one another through commutainment (communication through entertainment) activities such as roleplays, groups discussions, mock interviews, etc.

Suniltams Guruji English Classes

Independent thinking

Independent thinking is the process of being able to think on your own, without someone else guiding you. “In a world where knowledge is doubling every few years and what once was a fact can become out of date so quickly equipping young people with the mental tools to succeed in such a world is vital.” Teachers can help their students develop their independent thinking only if they are independent. Independent thinking implies

Thinking on your own
Being critical of what you see and hear
Questioning information and irrational assumptions
An independent thinker helps students develop the desire and ability to think on their own. An independent thinker contributes a lot to the team. Language learning tasks should aim at developing students’ thinking skills.

Interdependence is essential for a successful person. Taking students from dependent stage to the independent stage and then to the interdependent stage is very important. Man is a social animal and interpersonal relationship is the key to success in today’s competitive world. The one who knows how to relate with others can climb up the ladder of success. Those who are interdependent use positive language and win people. They are polite, pleasant, practical, persuasive and powerful.

A teacher of English who is imaginative, innovative, interactive, independent and interdependent can be successful in the field and can lead the students from the dependent stage to independent stage and then to the interdependent stage.

Dear teachers, please let me know your comments.

Suniltams English Guru

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My Top 10 Characteristics of a Highly Effective EF/SL Teacher

In preparing my list of top 10 characteristics, I initially began with 26 characteristics. Because 26 characteristics were a bit unwieldy, I narrowed my focus to the 10 I believe to be most important. Consequently, this list (like all the others) is not exhaustive or comprehensive. It is simply what I feel constitutes characteristics of excellence in our profession based on my experience as an English language educator, my observations, and on my research.

1. A “Calling” to the Profession

My top 10 list is in no order of importance, except for #1. Effective teachers are driven and passionate about what they do and feel a “call” to teach as well as a passion to help students learn and grow. Without this mission, or calling, teaching is just another job—and a tough one at that. Central to this calling is the idea of a positive attitude. Effective teachers recognize that teaching is demanding. Despite this, they exhibit a sense of pride in what they do.

2. Professional Knowledge

Shulman (1986) has identified seven types of knowledge that highly effective teachers must have. According to him, teachers need knowledge about

• the content they are teaching;
• the curriculum, materials, and programs;
• the broad principles and strategies that constitute classroom management and organization;
• the student population;
• the particular educational context they are teaching in;
• educational aims and values, and
• pedagogical content knowledge, which is a special mix of content and pedagogy unique to teachers.

According to Pasternak and Bailey (2004), teachers need both declarative and procedural knowledge to function effectively in their classrooms. Declarative knowledge refers to knowledge about the content area they are teaching whereas procedural knowledge refers to the ability to do things in the classroom.

I believe that the right credentials and sound professional knowledge are of paramount importance in determining effectiveness. That means a Master’s degree in TESOL/applied linguistics for teachers teaching at the university level or a Bachelor’s degree with a TESOL specialization or certification for those working in primary/secondary schools. As a part of sustaining sound professional knowledge, teachers must recognize the importance of professional development and keeping up-to-date with technology.

3. Personality/Personal Qualities

To what extent personality factors related to teaching effectiveness has been the topic of numerous empirical studies. Weinstein (1998) conducted a study which identified 10 characteristics “good teachers” were thought to have (as cited in Brown & Rodgers, 2002, p. 153). Seven out of the ten characteristics related to personality. The Weinstein study found personality factors like patience, warmth, creativity, humour, and outgoingness to be indicative of effective teaching.

Additional validation of the importance of personality characteristics comes to us from an unlikely source, Hollywood, which shows that teachers who have believed in their students, offered them guidance and support and went the extra mile to ensure their success, were the ones that were dramatized in movies like Stand and DeliverDangerous Minds, Dead Poets Society, and Freedom Writers.

4. With-it-ness

The concept of with-it-ness (McEwan, 2002) is defined as the state of being on top of things, tuned in to the teaching/learning environment, and in control of the different facets of classroom life and our jobs. A “with-it” teacher is one who can organize and manage their classroom, engage students in the lesson, and keep up a fast-paced momentum. Teachers with this quality are ones who can multitask, use their time most effectively, and adapt to the changing needs and demands of their job and the profession.

5. Instructional Effectiveness

For many, if teachers possess the requisite qualifications and years of teaching experience, being a good teacher is considered a given. However, we all know and work with teachers who have good credentials and lots of experience but have the same one year of teaching experience 20 times (as opposed to having 20 years of teaching experience). Knowing your content area and being able to deliver effective lessons matters. Study after study confirms that students who have high quality teachers make significant and lasting learning gains. Those with less effective teachers play a constant game of academic catch up.

6. Good Communication Skills

Highly effective teachers must be good communicators as they are required to articulate ideas, talk about issues, and express their beliefs and values about teaching. Because teachers take on numerous roles in their classrooms and in the workplace, they must be skilled at conflict resolution as well.

7. Street Smarts

Street smart teachers are those who have knowledge about what is happening around them (knowledge of the students, the school, the community, and the cultural environment), and they combine this knowledge with common sense to solve problems. Street smart teachers are also politically savvy in that they are familiar with their institutional culture and they know which materials and topics to avoid both in class and in the workplace, and which battles to fight.

8. Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

For teachers to be considered effective, they need to believe in their own ability to make a difference in their students’ lives. Their expectations of their students are always high. Moreover, they show a willingness to inspire and motivate their students through example.

9. Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is now recognized by educators, governing bodies, accreditation organizations, certification boards, employers and the general public as one of the most important competencies that people must possess (Collins, 2009).

Effective teachers are concerned with their self- and professional development and regularly reflect on what they do in their classrooms. They also engage in strategic career planning, which, for many teachers, means assuming a leadership position.

10. Life Outside the Classroom

A multitude of sources in the professional and self-help literature cite the importance of not being too consumed by the job. Research also shows that people with hobbies and friends outside of their profession suffer less stress, which in turn increases an individual’s productivity at work. So my final thoughts on this are that teachers should find something else that defines them outside of the workplace.


There is really no “secret” recipe to being the perfect teacher, nor is being perfect even realistic. As you read through my list of top 10 characteristics and the lists of others who have come before me, I encourage you to reflect on what you feel constitutes effectiveness with your students and in your particular educational context. There is probably no teacher out there who is uniformly strong in all areas. Like me, you will recognize your strengths and you will probably take note of some areas that need work. This reflective self-evaluation is, I feel, yet another essential characteristic of effectiveness. Indeed, the most important characteristics of effective teaching might not appear on any list.

This idea is best expressed by de Saint-Exupery (1943) in The Little Prince: “That which is essential cannot be seen with the eye. Only with the heart can one know it rightly.”

Something more about Best English Trainer in Aligarh from TeachThought

While the numbers of ESL learners in English-speaking countries is vastly increasing, the numbers of qualified ESL teachers are not meeting this growing demand.

Despite “formal” qualifications and ESL specific training, what skills are most important to make a difference for these students? As a regular classroom teacher and ESL teacher in several ESL programs both here in the US and abroad for over three decades, I wanted to share with you a few insights. You will not be surprised.  Most of these qualities are what make good teachers no matter what subject or population of learners being taught.

1.     A Genuine Relationship with Students

Researchers Deiro (1996) and Noddings (1992) found that teachers who genuinely care about their students have a significant impact on the students’ attitudes, motivation and behaviour.  These students work harder and are more successful learners. They learn English faster and display stronger skills.  Think of a teacher who you knew really cared about you as a person.  How did this affect your classroom performance and the success you had in that class, which in turn impacted your future success as a learner? The relationship between a student and teacher is the most important factor difference for ESL students.

2.     Understanding a Student’s Cultural Background

A teacher who openly welcomes students and accepts the cultural differences can help with an easier acceptance by the school environment.  When a student feels valued, he/she is more apt to assimilate into the English-speaking culture, to make friends and increase opportunities to use English. Students who engage in more conversation and activities with native-born English speakers, acquire English skills quicker which help to boost more skills.

3.     Training in Second Language Education Techniques and Approaches

Quality professional training development opportunities need to be available to help these teachers and other staff members who teach culturally and linguistically diverse students. Instruction needs to be ongoing and offered in a whole array of learning formats from short workshops and one-time services to online classes and those that stretch over longer periods of time.  These educational opportunities should be available for the free or low cost, possibly with added incentives to the teacher.  They should be available in the most convenient settings and at times to accommodate the “busy” teacher who is already pulled and stretched beyond what most careers expect.

4.     Understanding the Individual Needs of Students

It is helpful to assess the student’s language proficiency and educational history.  The design of the classroom lessons can then be individualized to focus on each student’s functional English level in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. This ongoing student assessment helps the teacher obtain current functional levels so lessons can be targeted towards maximum growth. They can zero in on exactly what the student needs. It is the pronunciation of a sound or letters? Is it vocabulary?

How about writing?  Can they write a sentence or do they need help with outlining or research?  Do they have study skills?  It is common to have five reading levels in a classroom (i.e. two reading levels above the grade level and two reading levels below); can you imagine the levels of language ability in ESL learners?  Ongoing assessment will support daily instruction and targeted learning needs of a student will help that child acquire language quicker and build self-confidence.

5.     Encouraging English Conversations & Involvement Outside the Classroom

Students who more actively engage outside the classroom in extracurricular or community activities cultivate friendships and interests which help with broadening language acquisition. When students feel more confident and have some degree of language skill, they can be encouraged to join other schools- and community-related activities.  These can be based on the students’ interests.  Maybe a student enjoys the outdoors and scouting is a good option; sports, music and art might be other avenues; some students might be befriended by native speakers who invite them to participate in something they are engaged in.  Another suggestion is joining groups and clubs that build on an international focus like language clubs and service organizations.  Being active and also volunteering to help towards some larger purpose can also build relevancy to learning and involvement.

6.     A Willingness to Connect with Communities

Teachers need to analyze what skills are most important to learn at any given time and then teach those.  As students progress through a hierarchy of skills and meet success, their learning will soar.  Lessons that are built on high interest and tied to the present needs of the students work well.  I remember when I taught ESL students who had just arrived in America.  On Friday afternoons, we would take walking field trips downtown not far from the elementary school that housed the district program.

We could walk to any number of bakeries, toy stores, bookstores, restaurants, a library and museum, and a few parks.  I’ll never forget the day we toured the art museum and I asked the kids to stand by a painting they liked the best.  One little girl didn’t move.  I tried to explain to her what was expected of her. But she could only shake her head “no”.  When I asked her why not, Maya just said that the paintings all were so beautiful.  I knew then that the students were gaining so much more out of these experiences than I could imagine.

Sometimes I would call ahead to a specific place and tell the business owners, etc. we would be coming. Other times, our class would venture out to explore without a schedule.  The outpouring from the businesses was something I will never forget. The kids were invited to make pizzas, frost cakes, take a painting class from an artist, and dine in a fancy restaurant.  The opportunities for rich language growth filled these afternoons to overflowing.

So much that a recent student of mine, Jimmy called to say hello. I asked him if he needed anything and he replied, “No, I’m fine. I just found a note in which you wrote that if I needed anything, I should call.  So I’m calling to tell you that I don’t need anything. I’ve just graduated with a degree in English Literature and I’ve accepted an internship for my master degree.”  Here’s to making it relevant!

As a “good” teacher, I am convinced that you can become a “great” ESL teacher to those students that arrive in your classroom from all corners of the world. You can meet the growing demand of ESL students succeed.  I wish you much on your road to success.

Join Suniltams English Guru – Best English Trainer in Aligarh at TAMS Studies.

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Phone: 9411650207, 9759999231

Idioms related to Ship and Sailing

Idioms related sailing ship

Idioms related sailing ship

Idioms are the groups of words which seem simple and something easy to understand. However, their actual meaning is sometimes totally opposite to what they actually look.

Here I am giving you some idioms having words like Sailing and Ship. Still, their meaning is different. So, I would encourage you to learn, practice, and use these idioms in your daily life.

These idioms will also help you strengthen your vocabulary, improvise your speech and overall personality



Hindi Meaning

Jump ShipTo Abandon Something, Leaving some difficult situationकठिन समस्या या स्थिति को त्यागना
On Board,You are on the bus, on the shipसवार होना
On BoardAgree onसहमत होना
Smooth SailingEasy and Manageableआसान
That Ship Has SailedOpportunity has been missedमौका हाथ से छूट गया
A Sinking ShipA company or organization whose future is darkकोई संस्था जो डूबने वाली हो
Run a Tight ShipStrict and Effective Managementकड़ा अनुशासन एवं प्रबंधन
Enough to Sink a ShipHaving More Than you want or needपर्याप्त मात्रा में उपलभ्द होना
अगर आपको ये इंग्लिश मुहावरे पसंद आये तो शेयर करें. कमेंट करें.
आपका अपना इंग्लिश गुरु

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Language Classes for English

English Langauge Classes in Aligarh, Spoken English, Speaking Classes Aligarh

Language Classes for English in Aligarh by TAMS Studies – English Language Academy Aligarh, Call 9411650207. Learn spoken English, complete grammar, or prepare for IELTS and other competitive exams like SSC, CGL, Airforce, bank, etc.

TAMS Studies is a leading academy for English language classes in Aligarh and in other cities too.

The English Language plays a very vital role in our lives nowadays. Without English, we are just limited to some area or country when it comes to sharing our thoughts and interacting with people.

So, if you have decided to learn the language, Join TAMS Studies now. Call 9411650207.

We have renowned trainers like Suniltams, Mohd Arif, Archana Chaudhary, Ayush Chandra, and Priya Sharma.

These people will ensure that you are thorough and enough fluent in the English language. We also ensure that you have a strong vocabulary.

You do learn strong content writing techniques. you can use these skills in writing emails, content, essays, or whatever you want as far as the English language is concerned.

Spoken English Course Aligarh


Welcome to TAMS Studies



Spoken English Course Aligarh

Spoken English Course Aligarh

Spoken English Course Aligarh

Hello Friends,

हिंदी में पढने के लिए नीचे जाएँ

Many of us want to learn English. When we see others talking in English, we find ourselves suffering from inferiority complex.

We are not able to learn English because our background has been like that. Nobody in our family speaks English and nobody is ready to help you and motivate you. Moreover, if you want to learn the language, few coaching centers in Aligarh are capable of making you learn the same.

Do not worry. TAMS Studies was started by Suniltams in Aligarh city just with the view that we can make you learn this global language in the easiest way possible with a lot of funny and cool activities.

We will train you to speak the language in just 90 days. I know most of the institutes boast about the same. First thing is that it happens naturally. 2nd, we have a money back guarantee.

This Money Back Guarantee” means if you are not able to speak the language comfortably, you will get your whole money back. So Smile and Join TAMS Studies with full confidence.

Once you study with TAMS Studies, you will never be unemployed.

मुझे मालूम है आप इंग्लिश सीखना चाहते हैं और ये पोस्ट अंग्रेजी में ही है. तो संभावना ये है कि आपको ये पोस्ट समझ में ना आये. कोई चिंता की बात नहीं. में इसीलिये यहाँ हिंदी का प्रयोग कर रहा हूँ. 

आप आईये और हमारे साथ इंग्लिश सीखिए. अगर आप नब्बे दिन में खुलकर इंग्लिश बोलना नहीं सीखते तो आपके पूरे पैसे वापस.

TAMS Studies अलीगढ़ का सर्वोत्तम कोचिंग संसथान है| यहाँ अंग्रेजी के अलावा बहुत कुछ सिखाया जाता है. एक बार यहाँ से पढने के बाद आप बेरोजगार तो कभी रहोगे ही नहीं. ये तो पक्का है. दोस्तों TAMS Studies ज्वाइन करें और सुनहरा भविष्य बनायें.

आज ही ज्वाइन करें. 

कोचिंग का पता:

इलाहबाद बैंक के नीचे, समद रोड, सेंटर पॉइंट, अलीगढ, २०२००१

कॉल करें – 9411650207

Apart from above, we provide below-mentioned courses in Aligarh City:

  • IELTS & TOEFL Preparation
  • Complete Grammar Basic to Advanced
  • Interview Skills
  • BPO Training
  • Excel Training for Jobs
  • Email Writing Skills
  • English for Competitive Exams like SSC, CGL, CPO, Bank, IBPS, RRB, NDA, Etc
  • Other Languages like Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Urdu, Etc
  • Debates, Discussions, and Extempore activities


  • Activity-based learning
  • Highly disciplined environment
  • Regular Assessment and feedback
  • Tours and Fun Activities
  • Videos on YouTube
  • And Much More
  • Spoken English Course Aligarh

English Learning Club on Facebook.

Also, Check Below Links

Spoken English Course Aligarh

Our Spoken English Course is easy and fun. Join with you friends and Family.

Some other coaching institutes in Aligarh city for The English language:

  1. Name – Suniltams English Classes
    Address – Nada Pul, Khair Road, Aligarh
    Phone – 9411650207
  2. Name – GuruJi English Coaching Classes
    Address – Hari Vilas Nagar, Industrial Estate, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202001
    Phone – 7017319613
  3. Name – TAMS English
    Address – Medical Road, Dodhpur, Aligarh – 202001
    Phone – 9759999231
  4. Name – Indo America
    Address – Aligarh – 202001, Gurudwara Road
    Phone – 9690869963
  5. Name – Tzone Services EDU PVT LTD. 
    Address – Barola By Pass Road, Opp- Roadways Workshop, Sootmill Chouraha, Aligarh – 202001, Aligarh
    Phone – 9410692642
  6. Name – English Fluency Development Institute
    Address – Square Tower Building, ground floor, Marris Road, Aligarh – 202001, Opp. Shahnai Home
    Phone – 9897893031
  7. Name – IQvative
    Address – IQvative Building, Medical Road, Civil Lines, Aligarh – 202001, Near Green Crescent Public School
    Phone – 9997779132
  8. Name – Future Vision Academy
    Address – 1st floor, Gt road, Bannadevi, Aligarh – 202001, Above PNB opp. Numaish Ground
    Phone -7983380217

As per our knowledge, Google Reviews, Justdial Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Public Opinion, TAMS Studies is the best Coaching Institute for English Langauge in Aligarh City.

Suniltams has a great and easy approach to making students learn the language with great fun.

If you are looking for an English Speaking Course in your city, TAMS Studies should be your first choice. It is so because they make you speak by hook or crook. Just want to say that they are committed to making you speak English. English Speaking Course from TAMS Studies is an interesting thing.

Langauge Classes in Aligarh:

TAMS Studies is a leading institute of Aligarh when it comes to language classes. Join us for any of the below languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Spanish
  • Etc

Personality Development Course:

Once you complete our course, your personality will be at next level. You will be a refined person and better professional. There are many things which you will get during our PD course. You will never be a boring person. People will find you interesting and useful.

GuruJi English Coaching Classes

English Tuition in Aligarh English Speaking and Grammar Classes, Spoken English Aligarh

GuruJi English Coaching Classes are now available at Prithvi Raj Nagar, Aligarh.

Only 2 Batches are Available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can join these batches if you have below-mentioned goals:

English Course & Content:

  • Want to Speak Good English
  • Crack Interview with Multi-National Companies
  • Prepare for IELTS or TOEFL
  • Competitive English
  • English for SSC CGL CPO or Bank Exams

Batch Timings: 

  • 7:00 am – 7:45 am
  • 8:15 pm – 9:00 pm


1000 Rupees Per Month – 3 Months Advance – Fee is Non-Refundable and Non Transferable

Note – Demo Classes are not provided for these 2 Batches.


Prithviraj Nagar, Behind Bluebird School, In Front of Goldy Shopping Mart, G T Road, Aligarh

Everyone from Bannadevi, Melrose Bypass, ITI Road, Suraksha Vihar, and Gular Road can join.

Parking Space is not Available – So, Please do not bring cycles or any other vehicle.

Learn English by one and only English Guru in Aligarh Suniltams.

English Coaching and Speaking Classes

English Tuition in Aligarh English Speaking and Grammar Classes, Spoken English Aligarh

Hello Friends,

If you are in Mathura or nearby and looking for a coaching institute where you can learn good English language, TAMS Studies is the best option available for you.

TAMS Studies provides research-based easy learning. With TAMS Studies, you can easily master the English Language in just 45 – 90 days.

Cities From You Can Join

  • Mathura
  • Aligarh
  • Mainpuri
  • Etah
  • Hathras
  • Khair
  • Iglas
  • Bulandshahar
  • Kasganj

We also have a money back guarantee if you are not able to speak the language within 90 days.

You learn basic to advanced grammar. We also provide ample opportunities for debates and discussions. These ways will enhance your confidence and personality.

Courses Available

  • Basic English Speaking
  • Advanced English Speaking
  • Corporate Communication
  • Basic Grammar
  • Intermediate Grammar
  • Advanced Grammar

Interview Preparation

Once you complete the curriculum and practice sessions along with the mock interviews provided by TAMS Studies, no company will be able to reject you on the basis of interview skills.

IELTS Preparation

TAMS Studies has delivered 100% result in IELTS. Our candidates have been to get desired bands and got opportunities in Canada, The UK, and The USA.

BPO Training

We have a research-based and a very comprehensive BPO training. After completing this training, you can easily get a well-paying job in any Metro cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Agra, or Bangalore.

A comprehensive personality development course is also the part of our course. This part will boost your confidence and you will become a better public speaker.

Learning English is must nowadays. You can not enter a good organization without English skills. Companies are looking for the people who are good at English Communication and can interact with people globally.

You should email writing skills as well. companies expect you to make least mistakes in spellings and grammar.

This is the area where TAMS Studies plays an important role in your life.

Not only this, we also provide world-class IELTS Preparation at our Aligarh center located at the center point.


TAMS Studies is a leading English Language Academy in India. You will get the best of education and content with us.

Join TAMS Studies today for better future



Director – TAMS Studies



English Tuition Classes Aligarh

English Tuition in Aligarh English Speaking and Grammar Classes, Spoken English Aligarh

English Tuition in Aligarh.

English Subject should be of prime importance as all subjects are in English.

If your English is good, you can obviously understand most of the books or all of your subjects which are in English.

Therefore, it is very important to have a sound understanding of English its grammar structures.

In the absence of English knowledge, you cannot perform well in your exams or any other entrance exams no matter how hard you prepare for the same.

It is only wise to be efficient in the English language. You must learn English well to ensure a great career ahead and get higher ranks.

The knowledge of English does not only make your education smooth but also improves your life standard.

You can utilize the knowledge to crack interviews and to have great interpersonal relations in a corporate environment.

People get promotion first if they have good knowledge of the English language.

Now, if you have decided to become comfortable with the language, Join TAMS Studies which happens to be the best and one and only English Language Academy in Aligarh City.

You can learn Spoken English, Complete Grammar, IELTS, and Prepare for Competitive Exams as well. We have the complete facility to learn French as well. English is Easy to Learn with Suniltams.

Like our Facebook Page.

English Tuition in Aligarh

We are located at the center point at Vaishno Complex, Below Allahabad Bank.

Contact – 9411650207 for more information.

You can also write to us at suniltams@gmail.com

If you found this information useful, please share with your friends.

Focus Classes for English Language in Aligarh

Spoken English Course Aligarh

Join our Focus Classes for the English Language in Aligarh.

We have developed a very easy and natural way to absorb the English Language.

English is Just Easy to learn with Suniltams GuruJi.

We cover all the sections of the Langauge. Speaking, writing, listening, and reading sections are comprehensively covered.

Various activities are done to make sure you have more than enough involvement with the English Language.

The more you get involved and interact with the language the more and more you learn.

It is our Focus Classes for the Language learning which enables you to learn the language faster and naturally.

There are many teachers and coaching institutes in the city who boast of teaching the English Language but that is the reality.

Join TAMS Studies as we are the well known and proven Experts in training and teaching The English Language.

We also have Urdu and French Classes by Experienced Teaches / Faculties from Aligarh Muslim University.

Directory – Suniltams GuruJi (Sunil Chaudhary)


Sentences for Valedictory

Sentences for Valedictory

  • It was a valedictory moment for me with my family.
  • His valedictory speech was really good. People felt really good.
  • The Diwali festival’s valedictory celebration will be held on Nov 21. It was announced by Suniltams, the director of TAMS Studies Coaching Institute Aligarh.
  • While you are giving your valedictory speech, you must hold your gloom.

Join TAMS Studies and Learn English easily with Suniltams


Welcome to TAMS Studies