What is CCTV?

What is CCTV English Vocabulary TAMS Studies Aligarh
CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. TAMS Studies always brings something new to enhance your knowledge and vocabulary.

What is CCTV?

CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere. Because the cameras communicate with monitors and/or video recorders across private coaxial cable runs or wireless communication links, they gain the designation “closed-circuit” to indicate that access to their content is limited by design only to those able to see it.

Older CCTV systems used small, low-resolution black and white monitors with no interactive capabilities. Modern CCTV displays can be colour, high-resolution displays and can include the ability to zoom in on an image or track something (or someone) among their features. Talk CCTV allows an overseer to speak to people within range of the camera’s associated speakers.

CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Maintaining perimeter security in medium- to high-secure areas and installations.
  • Observing the behaviour of incarcerated inmates and potentially dangerous patients in medical facilities.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Overseeing locations that would be hazardous to a human, for example, highly radioactive or toxic industrial environments.
  • Building and grounds security.
  • Obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls (for example, in a diamond cutting or sorting operation; in banks, casinos, or airports).

CCTV is finding increasing use in law-enforcement, for everything from traffic observation (and automated ticketing) to the observation of high-crime areas or neighbourhoods. Such use of CCTV technology has fueled privacy concerns in many parts of the world, particularly in those areas in the UK and Europe where it has become a routine part of police procedure.

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Adverb of Reason/Purpose/Cause

Learn Adverb of Reason English Classes Online

Hello Dear Friends, In this post, we are going to discuss the Adverb of Reason.

Adverb, as we all know is a phrase or clause which tells us something about the verb, the adjective, or another adverb in the sentence.

Let’s move forward with Adverb of Reason

  • So Many times, we need to tell people WHY.
  • I went to market. WHY
  • We visited the temple. WHY
  • She scolded me. WHY
  • You will go to Kansas. WHY

WHY? What is the purpose? What do you want to do?

Okay, The Answer of this WHY is Adverb of Reason/Purpose. And that’s the sole justification, it is called Adverb of Reason.

Let’s have a look on the sentences with Adverb of Reason.

  • Abdul was hence neglected by his teachers. (Hence, Because he did something offensive)
  • Anita sings because she likes singing.
  • He thinks he can get anything because he is rich.
  • She thus opened the door applying little visible force.
  • He, therefore, does not want to talk to me.
  • Since he has apologized we will take no further action against him.
  • As he was not there I left a message with his mother.
  • I am glad that you have come.
  • The teacher is ill and therefore is unable to come to school.

Important Thing to Keep in Mind

The conjunction that is often omitted.

  • I am glad you like it. OR I am glad that you like it.
  • They were disappointed you weren’t in. OR They were disappointed that you weren’t in.

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जो पतझड़ में भी अपनी जड़ें जमाये रखते हैं

Best Motivational Thoughts Enjoy Life Skills Do It
Best Motivational Thoughts Enjoy Life Skills Do It
Enjoy Life

हवाओं के खिलाफ उड़ना आसान नहीं होगा
मुश्किलों में भी हिम्मत बनाये रखना आसान नहीं होगा.
लेकिन ये भी तो सच है – अगर ये इतना ही आसान होता तो हर शख्स कामयाब होता
लेकिन ऐसा होता नहीं क्यूँ की अक्सर लोग घबरा जाते हैं और सफ़र अधूरा छोड़कर अधूरे सपनों के साथ लौट जाते हैं

अगर मंजिल तक पहुँचना है तो चलते रहना होगा
हर दर्द हर परेशानी को सहना होगा
क्यूंकि सपने उन्ही के पूरे होते हैं
जिनका सफ़र पूरा होता है

बहारों में फूल उन्ही दरख्तों में खिलते हैं
जो पतझड़ में भी अपनी जड़ें जमाये रखते हैं

मेरे होसले ज़िन्दगी के हर इम्तिहान से बड़े हैं

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