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Hello Friends,
You are Welcome to TAMS Studies English Language Academy.
Today we are going to study Articles.
Articles are part of adjectives.
However, we study them separately because of their importance and specific usage.

Chaliye aage badhte aage articles ke saath. Kehne ka matlab hai articles adjectives hee hote hain parantu hum unko separately study karte hain unke khas prayog ke karan.
chaliye baat karte hain articles ki.

TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future
TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future

There are 3 articles in the English language. अंग्रेजी भाषा में तीन आर्टिकल्स होते हैं

आर्टिकल्स दो प्रकार के होते हैं पहले Indefinite आर्टिकल और दुसरे Definite आर्टिकल
Indefinite आर्टिकल ‘a’ aur “an” hote hain

‘a’ or ‘an’ un noun se pehle use hote hain jo ek hote hain aur jo pehali baar use hote hain
I saw a dog in a car.
is sentence me dog aur car dono hee pahalee baar use huye hain aur dono ek hee hain
isliye dono se pehle a ka use kiya gaya hai
ek aur example
Ritu is an intelligent student.
yahan ritu ek student hai isliye a use kiya gaya hai
there was a king.
ek raja tha isliye ek yani a ka use kiya gaya hai

chaliye baat karte hain definite article ki “THE”
jaisa ki naam se hee clear hai definite yani nischit.

ab koi cheez nischit hai to uska matlab hume pehle se pata hoga. jab pata nahi hoga to nischit kaise hogi.

To samajhiye ki jo noun pehle se pata hai unke pehle The ka use hota hai
the – vo jo khas hai
the un sabhi nouns ke pehle aata hai jo sunne wala evam bolne wala dono pehle se jaante hon
jaise ye examples dekhiye
the sun is a big star
the sun – yahan hum sabhi sun ko pehle se jaante hain
the earth – pehle se jaante hain

the moon – pehle se jaante hain

aise hee vo phool jo mene tumhe diye the
the flowers which i gave you are put in the storeroom.
I love the book which you gifted me.
in dono sentences me hum us cheez ke baare me baat kar rahe hain jo hum pehle se jaante hain.

i hope apko achche se samajh aa raha hoga.
jo bhi doubt hai comment karke batayiye. hum aapke questions par based ek video bhi banayenge
to aap is video ko ek do baar dekhen aur apne questions ko comment me jaroor mention karen
itna hee nahi agar aapke pass koi bhi question ho article se related to bhi comment kijiye.

chaliye kuch aur majedar facts ki baat karte hain articles se related
a aur an dono ka meaning ek hota hai parantu vowel sounds wale nouns se pehle an aata hai aur baaki sabhi ke pehle a ka use hota hai.
jab kisi noun ka jikra dobara ho to us se pehle the ka use hota hai

han ek majedar baat — angrezi ke sentence me agar koi noun hai to samajhie ki uski aukaat batana jaroori hai. par noun agar koi proper noun ho to uski aukaat nahi batani chahiye.

It means proper nouns jaise Rahul, Anil, Saif, France, India, etc se pehle articles use nahi hote.
kyunki ye ek ya do nahi hote.

chaliye kuch aur examples
The Road in front of our house is very broad.
The candidate you referred for the job vacancy at TAMS Studies is selected.
The laptop I bought in 2000 is not working anymore.

so, dear English learners, I hope you liked this video and apko articles kaafi had tak samajh aa gaye honge. Now, you just practice. aap jab bhi newspaper ya koi book padhen to notice kijiye ki kaun sa article kahan use hua hai.

To ye tha articles ka lesson TAMS Studies kee taraf se
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Bye bye, see you in the next video lesson.


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