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New Batch English Language Classes Aligarh

English Language Classes in Aligarh

English Langauge Classes in Aligarh, Spoken English, Speaking Classes Aligarh
Best English Language Coaching in Aligarh

Hello, All Aligarians, We are glad to announce a brand new batch for English Language Classes in Aligarh for all the people who want to make good command over their English Language and living in Aligarh. TAMS Studies is indeed the best English language coaching institute in Aligarh.

English Language Classes in Aligarh – New Batch Details

  • Time 4 to 5 pm and 5 to 6 pm
  • Start Date – 23rd July 2018
  • Trainer – Akriti Agarwal
  • HOD – Suniltams Guruji

Course Contents:

  • Basic Daily Life English
  • Professional English
  • Pro English
  • Personality Development
  • Email Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Live Video on Facebook and Other Social Media Channels
  • Comprehensive Reading, Writing, Speaking exercises.
  • Extempore Sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • Lots of Motivation

Whole Subject Knowledge is equal to Good Command over the language. Therefore, you must learn the English Language in Aligarh and Join TAMS Studies English Classes.

Call 9759999231 for Batch Details

The fee is 6000 Fix – One time Payment – Please do not ask for Discount
Money Back Guarantee – If you follow all the instructions and do regular homework and are not able to speak Good English, you can take your whole fee back. No Questions Asked.

Aligarh is near to Delhi NCR and so many IT and foreign industries are nearby in cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon.

Language Classes for English

And, of course, people from Aligarh city and nearby cities migrate to these NCR cities and cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai to weave their golden career.

Get Jobs in Delhi NCR or in Aligarh – Contact TAMS JAMS

You know that when they reach there to find a great job or career in an MNC company, they face the situation where they find themselves stuck with poor English or almost no English.

And what is amazing, they regret that they would have learnt the language by then if they would have joined any English language academy in time. That would not have been that difficult too. Because learning the English language just to crack interview is not a big deal anyway.

How to crack interview – Simple Tips by Priya Sharma

We are also going to develop a dedicated section where we would be helping our readers about cracking interviews, preparing resume and communication well.

You can use these tips and guidance to get a good job by cracking the interview easily.

Spoken English Classes for Kids in Aligarh

At TAMS Studies, we are quite sincere about bringing some quality to Aligarh city and that too from the very beginning.

In this endeavour of ours, we have special classes for kids from 15th March to 30th June. These classes will especially for kids from the age of 5 – 12. The kids will get an opportunity to speak a lot with each other and will also develop a robust vocabulary.

Learn English with Suniltams Guruji Aligarh

These classes will be a great foundation for the kids in terms of having sound communication skills and that too in English which is a global language and used at every location in the world.

Spoken English Classes for Kids in Aligarh TAMS Studies Kids
Spoken English Classes for Kids in Aligarh TAMS Studies Kids

Therefore, TAMS Studies has Spoken Classes for Everyone. Parents can also join if they want by paying their part of the fee.