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What is SEO?

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization | TAMS Studies
What is SEO Search Engine Optimization | TAMS Studies
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Many people around the world are talking about this term SEO. Hence the question arises. What is SEO?

It has become a common word recently and TV Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram, all social media channels are talking about SEO or mentioned SEO in common day to day talks. You can see thousands of videos of Youtube talking and teaching SEO.

However, we are trying to give you a different perspective to understand “What is SEO?”.
TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future
TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future

Let’s Start with “the full form of SEO”. The Full form of SEO of you can say SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Ok, we understand that some sort of Search Engine Optimization is happening. Now the question is we do not understand what is a search engine and what is its work.

Next Question is what kind of optimization is happening and what actually we optimize.

In fact, to anyone, someone who is not related to SEO World asks these questions. That is ok.

But when you listen to that word again and again and somewhere it is affecting you. I feel you should know the word and things related to the same.

“An introduction of Something to Google is SEO.” – Sunil Chaudhary, SEO Expert

Well, as you introduce yourself to your class, school, office, company, group, etc. In the same way, something or the other thing is introduced to Search Engines Like Google and Bing.

What is the need of introduction or SEO?

No Need if you do not love popularity. As you introduce yourself to as many people as possible when you seek popularity or good terms in society. You do that to create great social coverage for your self. When you have a good introduction in your area, people talk about you and they can easily refer to you in case of any need.

You do it for yourself and for the safety of your family. And, websites do this for their Business.

Websites have their own world that is called the Internet. on the internet Search Engines like Google and Bing keep track of all the information related to anything or everything.

So, when these search engines are crawling/finding these websites, they look for everything.

For Example: How many people know you in your area? How many people can give good feedback about you? How many people can tell your address? How many people recommend you as a good person? etc.

“What is the type of person you are” in your internal quality. Based on that you have introduced yourself by any means to many people. Therefore, you have a good Social Presence.

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

Likewise, if more websites are talking about your website for a particular service or product, It means your website has good SEO.

If your website’s internal content is good and user-friendly and properly written to impress Search Engines Like Google and Bing, your On-Page SEO or Internal SEO is great.

When other websites are also indicating towards your website, that is called Off-Page SEO or External SEO. Till date, I have not learnt anything about Black Hat or White Hat SEO. Hence I can not tell you anything about these terms.

I focus on my good work and Keep getting results.

I wanted to share my thoughts about SEO and what is SEO. Hope I have been able to explain in an easy language.

If you need more information on SEO, How to Increase Website Traffic, How to Promote Business Online, Digital Marketing, etc, feel free to Contact me. I will be of great help to you.

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