Super 10 Classes Aligarh

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Super 10 Classes Aligarh (Best Coaching Centre in Aligarh) For The Academic Students of 6th, 7th, and 8th Class Students who are performing below 85%. Overall, A Coaching Centre for Weak Academic Students. Mr Anand Kumar, A Great Mathematician started s Super 30 programme, which he started in PatnaBihar in 2002, and which coaches economically backward students.

Inspired by him, we are starting with Only 10 Students only.

Welcome to Super 10 Classes Aligarh

TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future
TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future

No Coaching or School is ready to accept weak students. Actually, these students are not weak. They have not got the mindset to Excel. So, they need extra and special attention. And at TAMS Studies, we are committed to giving that Attention in Aligarh.

Why Only 10 Students? 

Therefore, it is great news for All Aligarh People. Yes, we are accepting only ten students in 2019. You may say what would happen to other weak students of aligarh. Yes, you are right. However, if we also admit more students, we would not be able to deliver the quality we and you are looking for.

Features of Our Super 10 Classes in Aligarh:

  • Your Child Will get The Attention He/She needs to Develop Sincere Interest for Studies.
  • Complete Problem Solving with fun
  • Fun because nobody likes to be forced
  • Activities to get the students involved
  • Proper Emphasis on Current Affairs which are suitable to the students of 6th, 7th, and 8th Students.
  • Spoken English Classes
  • Urdu Classes
  • Motivational Lectures By Suniltams Guruji
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Presentation Skills

There are many things which will be done on a regular basis to create Super 10 Students in 2019 from Aligarh.

If your kid is performing below 85%, Admit her/him to Super 10 Classes of TAMS Studies Academic Classes in Aligarh.

This is our Highly Ambitious Program. We want to do something different, something real and something which people can appreciate. And, something, which is actually of some worth.

I hope you are getting what We are trying to do.

Who can teach Weak Students?

Anybody can teach or guide to the performing and sincere students. But It is a very tough thing to make the non-performers perform better.

Well, we at TAMS Studies Best Coaching Centre of Aligarh, Beleive we can do that. In The Past Five Years, we have done so many wonders like this.

Our Program is inspired by Super 30 of Anand Kumar from Patna. However, He gives coaching to talented Poor Students whereas we are giving coaching to weak students. We hope you understand the challenge we are going to be into.

Sunil Chaudhary
Director – TAMS Studies

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Our Program is inspired by Super 30 of Anand Kumar in Patna.

Super 30 Classes

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