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What is Subjunctive Mood? Dear Friends, It is really easy to understand with a little practice. You can learn it by this post only. This topic is useful for academic students as well as for the people who are preparing for English language tests or for competitive exams like SAT, CAT, PTE, IELTS, SSC, CGL, CPO, CDS, NDA, Airforce, etc. Here I will give you some great examples of Subjunctive Mood which will make the topic easy for you.

Just read this post with focus and revise. Also, feel free to ask questions.

What is Subjunctive Mood? Examples of Subjunctive
Subjunctive Mood

Let’s Start “What is Subjunctive Mood?

TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future
TAMS Studies Aligarh Learn English Make Good Future

The subjunctive is a mood in The English Grammar. The mood is yours. You can have different moods. For more knowledge on Moods, you can study my post Types of Moods in English Grammar which I will post soon.

So, Subjunctive is a mood which we speak a sentence which does not have anything to do with reality.

It means, whatever we speak or write is not real or no effect on the currently existing situation. Also, it means wish, advice, unreal, or imaginary sentences which comes from your mood. Yes, the subjunctive mood.

Let me tell you that you will not understand this topic unless you get some examples.

Examples of Subjunctive Mood in English Grammar:

God bless you! – Now in this sentence, you can see that we are just wishing that God may bless you. We cannot be sure if God will do that in real or not.

I wish I were a boy! – Here also, you can see the sentence is just showing wish and it has nothing to do with the reality. And, you are not going to be a boy if you are a girl.

He said that Rahul be here at this time – This is just a realization of something important but not the real case. The fact is Rahul is not here but the wish of the person.

Some More Examples of Subjunctive Mood:

  • God save the queen!
  • Be that as it may!
  • I wish I were a bird!
  • She insist Anil leave now. – in this sentence, if we put should it will become indicate mood. mind it. We do not use s\es with the first form of the verb when we make present subjunctive.
  • We asked that it be done yesterday – Normal sentence would be  – We asked that it should have been done yesterday.
  • John braked in order that the car stay on the road. However, it did not happen.

What is Subjunctive Mood? Another definition in an easy way.

When something is not real and we express it. It is called a subjunctive mood. As you have seen in the above examples of Subjunctive.

I insist that he is here. – This sentence is indicative. The fact is he is already here and the speaker knows the fact.
I insist that he be here. – This is subjunctive – Becuase he is not here and it only a wish or advice of the speaker.

Some Examples of Past Subjunctive Mood in English Grammar:

  • If I were a bird, I would fly all day.
  • If I were your wife, I would put poison in your coffee.
  • Suppose that I were there now.
  • Try to imagine a tool that made that easy for citizens.
  • If only the door were unlocked.
  • Oh, that it were so.

Even More Mixed Examples of Subjunctive Mood in English Grammar:

  • I only ask that he cease behaving in this extraordinary manner.
  • It is vital that they be stopped at once.
  • Is it really necessary that she work all hours of the day?
  • I demand that he do something to make up for this.
  • I only ask that he should cease behaving in this extraordinary manner.
  • It is vital that they are stopped at once.
  • It is vital to stop them at once.
  • Is it really necessary for her to work all hours of the day?
  • I demand that he does something to make up for this.
  • If your father were alive he would help you.
  • If I were rich I would buy a Ferrari.
  • I wish I were taller.
  • If only he were here now!

Read more about the subjunctive mood on Wikipedia.

Examples of Subjunctive
Examples of Subjunctive

Exceptional Examples of Subjunctive Mood:

  • If your father was alive he would help you.
  • If I was rich I would buy a Ferrari.
  • I wish I was tall.
  • If only he was here now!
  • You talk to him as if he was your slave!

Things to keep in mind when trying to understand the Subjunctive Mood in English Grammar.

  1. In Present, we use ‘Be’ even we feel like using is, am, or are.
  2. In past, we use ‘were’
  3. Unreal situation
  4. wish
  5. imagination

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