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Will be able / will have able


Hello, Today I have got a question related to the two formats mentioned below.

  • I will be able
  • I will have able

Whether these two formats are possible or not. I would like to clarify with the help of examples and a little bit of explanation.

First of all

be able = can,could

I can go = I am able to go.

But for a future time, we can not use can in place of be able. The reason is that we can not use two modal together.

For example:

I shall can – wrong
I can will – wrong

Therefore, the alternative of can which is be able is used in future sentences.

I will be able to explain this concept to you easily.
She will be able to reach college before the sun sets.

Other question – will have able

After Have, we always need an object or we can use an adjective if there is a noun after the adjective.

For example:

I will have a car.
I will have a nice car.
I will have nice. – Wrong
I will have able. – Wrong
I will have an able friend. – Correct

Hope this small post is helpful to you all.

With Love
Suniltams – English Guru